The superior security system features are given to protect your home and loved ones. That being said, rapid advances in security technology have enabled the Adroit Security System providers to offer more cutting-edge services than ever before.

Peace of Mind

Having manpower security often helps to offer both a sense of security and serenity of mind. For businesses in high-risk...

Crime Prevention

Numerous period, simply having a security guard present at the business is a crime deterrent...

Dealing with Crime

Security companies train their guards in both crime anticipation and how to deal with a crime if one is committed...


Security companies often present many different types of services, and some services may go with a particular business more than others...

To Sum it Up

Hiring a security company to take care of day to day security tasks, and deal with any crime that may be devoted as a good plan for any industry...

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We consider our clients as our supreme assets and will always go that extra mile for you

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We place great emphasis on strict & frequent inspection. These are carried out at pre-determined frequencies at irregular intervals by a team of mobile supervisors. Each round of inspection is monitored recorded and corrective action for deficiency if any, in performance ensured.
We recruit guards from all across the nation. We publish our ads for the same in the leading News Papers. We also welcome deserving candidates in our offices where recruitment process is a day to day activity. The criteria of selection are simple but keeping the job requirements in mind, we have set certain physical and mental standards for the candidates.
We also keep a reserve force and can provide additional force at a short notice in the time of emergencies in addition ceremonial guard are also provided for special occasions like Conferences, Meetings, Marriage & Parties etc

We provide manned guarding services for a whole cross section of clients from multinational corporations to hotels, corporate houses, residences, embassies, educational institutions,industrial establishments, multinational companies, ATMs etc.

Adroit Security provide great services which makes the clients comfortable with their cases. We are the most successful detective service providing company which is able to solve complicated cases within less period of time. It is recognized as a best and experienced team which has capacity to solve any unsolved and critical cases in less period of time.

Adroit is a company with highly experienced specialists in event security services. We provide event security services for a whole cross section of clients from multinational corporations to hotels, corporate houses, residences, embassies, educational institutions, industrial establishments, multinational companies etc.
We provide event security services for a whole cross section of clients from multinational corporations which require a whole team of security professionals . ADROIT has thrived in the security industry.

We provide industries and corporate with armed/unarmed escort and service for cargos. Such services are mostly availed by diamond merchants, airlines, etc. to escort Individuals or Cargos between destinations.

We have disciplined and professionally trained personnel from all over the country. They are deployed at locations including Corporate Houses, MNCs etc. We also provide guarding service to industries, establishments and residential complexes.

We believe training our personnel plays a key role in maintaining the standards and quality of our services. We provide rigorous training to our men. Our trainers are not tied down to just one training methodology, they use a whole range of training techniques, including formal inputs, indoor and outdoor experimental activities, psychometric tools, mentoring and coaching that reflect our organizational culture.


Adroit Security has always moved towards every security matter with the utmost importance. Any matter is always dealt in a timely manner. The staff from Adroit Security is always on time/functional and expert.

- kunwar Bhawani Singh Rajpoot Bar and Club owner

I would, and often do, recommend Right Guard as a provider of Adroit Security Services. They are adaptable, commercially aware and completely comprehend the commercial realities of the late night sector.

- Dharmendra Sharma Club Manager